Rochester Rock art panel vandalized!

Rochester Rock art Fremont Panel

Three is more bad news for rock art in Utah. The Rochester rock art panel was vandalized last month (May 2021). We were recording images of the panel for a coming VR model May 4-7, the vandalism happened after that (here) and a news report (here).

We have updated this 3D model to show the location of some of the graffiti.

The Rochester Panel is a Fremont and Barrier Canyon style petroglyph panel depicting human and animal figures and geometric designs etched into the red-varnished sandstone of the San Rafael Swell overlooking Muddy Creek. 2,000 years to 700 years before the present. It is an enigmatic panel in terms of size, style and location.

Given the tremendous visitation the panel receives it is surprising that someone was alone at the site long enough to vandalize it at all. If you are reading this you don’t need to be told, but please visit rock art sites with respect. They are not only great works of art, but they are also the living heritage of the descendent communities.

Head to the Cedar Mesa Friends Visit With Respect Tips page for all the does and don’t of visiting a cultural heritage site.