March 2021

Chauvet Pont d’Arc the discovery of 36,000-year-old art
Chauvet Pont d’Arc the discovery of 36,000-year-old art
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27 years ago explorers forced their way into Chauvet cave in France, what they found astounded the world.
NASA algorithm helps us see faded art
NASA algorithm helps us see faded art
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How do we see rock art that is mostly faded away?
Unnamed Esplanade Poylchrome site
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Esplanade Style Polychrome Panel, Mojave County, Arizona This is the type site for Esplanade style polychrome rock art. Known from only 25 sites it is some of the most enigmatic and beautiful prehistoric art in North America. There are fewer than 25 examples of Esplanade style rock art all are located in Mojave County Arizona. As such it is one of the least studied types of North American rock art. Age estimates range from archaic southwest (8,000 BCE) to pre-Fremont (500 BCE). The style stands out for its tremendous detail. See the close-up image of part of the panel below. Some of the anthropomorphic figures are presented in "x-ray" style. Eyes often have lashes. The images are finely rendered.  (more…)
The New York Times says we are one of five accounts you should follow on Instagram
The 36,000 year old Horse Panel of Chauvet This week, New York Times arts critic Martha Schwendener called the Ancient Art Archive one of the 5 instagram accounts that you should follow right now. “…the Ancient Art Archive journeys to caves, mesas, buttes and other sites around the world, documenting the paintings and marks made by our ancient ancestors.” She called out two of our posts in particular, one from Chauvet Cave in France and another from the Maze Panel in Arizona. The Maze Panel in the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument. It is an honor to be featured in the Times. The explosive growth of our Instagram feed shows what we have long known, people are hungry for these images from the past.