Horse Nation in Science
New study of horses in North America
Ancient Art Archive in the Ada News
Education Activity in Ada, OK
It’s a wonderful opportunity to share this collective history with kids who are descendants of the Mississippian tribes,” Mater said. “But to non-native kids as well. This is part of American history. Hopefully this kind of sparks their imaginations. It gets people kind of asking larger questions, and appreciating the cultural history and legacy that we come from
over 100 petroglyphs
Over 100 neolithic petroglyphs found in a Catalonian Cave
Over 100 engravings have been identified on an 8 meter long panel in a cave in Tarragona. The images are exceptional both for their uniqueness and their state of preservation.
Dinwoody Petroglyphs
Updates to our public sites list
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We've updated the International Public Ancient Art sites list to include two wonderful rock art sites in Utah and Wyoming.
Chauvet Pont d’Arc the discovery of 36,000-year-old art
Upper Paleolithic Proto Writing
We know that ancient artists were exacting observers of the natural world. But it is mind bending that they may have had a written time keeping system 20,000 years ago.
Saturday Night Live
Comedian Michael Che offered up his opinion about our recent discovery of massive cave art in Alabama during an early May 2022 Saturday Night Live show: “Archaeologists have discovered thousand-year-old drawings in caves in Alabama. Guys, they’re bad,” he joked during his segment of Weekend Update. We appreciate the joke! The laugh line comes in at about 1 minute 15 seconds in the video below.
USA Today
USA Today: Scientists use 3D technology to uncover largest collection of ancient Native American cave art
Scientists took thousands of high-tech photos to scan the ceiling of the cave in Alabama to create a 3D model. Photographer Stephen Alvarez explains that thanks to 3D modeling, “a story that was laid down a thousand plus years ago and has been invisible can now be seen in its entirety." Read the full USA Today article here
The New York Times
The New York Times: In Alabama’s ‘19th Unnamed Cave,’ a Trove of Ancient Dark-Zone Art
Researchers using 3-D technology brought to light an array of art in an Alabama cave, including a serpent, flying creatures and humanoid figures in regalia. Read the full The New York Times article here
The Guardian
The Guardian: Largest US cave figures, about 1,000 years old, discovered in Alabama
In a study published on Tuesday in the journal Antiquity, researchers revealed that a cave in the northern Alabama countryside is home to carvings dating back about 1,000 years.  Read the full The Guardian article here
ARTnews: The Largest Cave Drawings in North America Have Been Found in Alabama
The five large figures discovered include three anthropomorphs (humanlike figures), one swirling, enigmatic figure, and a snake, most likely an eastern diamondback rattlesnake that was sacred to southeast Indigenous people of the time.  Read the full ARTnews article here