Nampaweap Petroglyph Site

Nampaweap Petroglyphs

Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, Mojave County Arizona

Nampaweap is a very large petroglyph site in the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument. Hundreds of individual petroglyphs cover the face of a lava flow at the head of Nampaweap canyon. The canyon is a natural corridor from the Colorado River to the Ponderosa pine forest on Mt Trumbull and the wetland around Nixon Spring. There are a large variety of symbols represented at this site including the nearly universal anthropomorphic figures.

Additional information from the NPS is here.

A petroglyph panel in Namapweap Canyon
Nampaweap petroglyph site, Mojave County Arizona

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For anyone who wants to find out more about this site and the rock art of Northern Arizona we recommend the book Rock Art of the Grand Canyon Region by Don D. Christenson, Jerry Dickey and Steven M, Frees

You can purchase it here from Sunbelt Publications.